The Little Coffee Shop with a Big Role in Fifth Element

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The Little Coffee Shop with a Big Role in Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a science fiction movie from 1997 directed by Luc Besson. The story follows Korben Dallas, played by Bruce Willis, who has to find the perfect being known as the fifth element in order to save humanity from destruction. This quest sees him visit some interesting places and meet some unique characters – one of whom he meets in a small coffee shop. Coffee shops have long been popular settings for many movies; they provide a cozy atmosphere that often creates an intimate connection between two characters on-screen or serves as an ideal place for protagonists to make important decisions. In The Fifth Element, this coffee shop plays an integral role in the movie’s plot and its impact can still be felt today – even 23 years after it was released.

Setting of the Coffee Shop

The coffee shop in The Fifth Element is a small, quaint café located in the center of the bustling city. It has a cozy atmosphere with warm colors and traditional décor that gives it an old-world charm. Inside, there are several tables and chairs arranged neatly around the room for customers to sit at while they enjoy their drinks and snacks. There is also a counter that serves as both a barista station and service area where patrons can order their food or drinks from one of the friendly staff members.

The location of this coffee shop adds another layer to its importance within the movie’s plotline: it serves as a place of refuge for Korben Dallas from his dangerous mission. After he encounters two aliens who offer him help, he chooses to hide out in this safe haven until he finds out more about what’s going on with his newfound task. This allows him to take time away from all of the danger surrounding him so he can make informed decisions without being rushed into anything too quickly – something which proves invaluable during his quest for saving humanity later on in the film.

As well as acting as an important plot device within The Fifth Element, this coffee shop has become iconic because it reflects many aspects of real life cafés – giving viewers an opportunity to connect with something familiar even though they’re watching science fiction set hundreds of years into our future! Its timelessness ensures that it still resonates 23 years after its release; showing just how powerful and influential films like The Fifth Element continue to be today.

Appearances and Motto

The coffee shop in The Fifth Element has a unique motto that drives the plot forward and adds an extra layer of intrigue to its setting. This motto is “Rest, Recharge, Refresh” which implies that visitors should take some time for themselves while they enjoy their visit. It also highlights how the café can provide respite from any chaotic outside forces such as Korben’s mission to save humanity.

As well as having a catchy slogan, this coffee shop has many memorable characters who help bring it to life. These include the friendly barista who serves up delicious coffees with a smile; the quirky old man playing cards by himself; and Ruby Rhod -a flamboyant entertainer who loves making grand entrances! Each character adds something special to the atmosphere and provides customers with enjoyable entertainment during their stay.

All in all, this small coffee shop plays an integral part within The Fifth Element – both because of its role in advancing the plotline and its ability to make viewers feel connected with something familiar even though it takes place hundreds of years into our future! Its timelessness ensures that it still resonates 23 years after its release; showing just how powerful and influential films like The Fifth Element continue to be today.

Popularity of the Coffee Shop

The coffee shop in The Fifth Element is a popular spot for fans of the movie and has been featured in many famous scenes throughout its runtime. One of the most iconic moments occurs when Korben Dallas first enters the café to seek refuge from his mission – it’s here that he meets two aliens who offer him help with his task. This scene introduces various important plot points such as Leeloo’s identity and her role as “the fifth element” that will ultimately save humanity. It also provides viewers with an insight into Korben’s character; showing how he is able to stay calm even in this strange, unfamiliar situation.

Another memorable moment occurs after the climax of the film when all of our characters have survived their epic journey and are now enjoying some well-deserved rest at this same café. During this scene, we get a chance to see how much they’ve grown over their time together, reflecting on what they’ve achieved while celebrating their newfound friendship with each other. All these factors make it one of the most beloved sequences within The Fifth Element which further cements its popularity within fans’ hearts!

As well as providing us with beautiful visuals and unforgettable moments, this small coffee shop plays an integral part within The Fifth Element’s story line by providing our protagonist –Korben Dallas–a safe place where he can take a break from all the chaos surrounding him so he can think clearly about what needs to be done next on his mission for saving humanity. Its importance cannot be understated and without it, there would likely not have been any resolution whatsoever!

Overall, it is clear why this small coffee shop has become such an iconic aspect within The Fifth Element: both because of its appearances in some famous scenes throughout its runtime but also due to its integral role in advancing our main character’s story arc towards a satisfying conclusion!

Cultural Significance

The coffee shop in The Fifth Element has become a cultural phenomenon that continues to stand the test of time. Its timelessness is reflected in its appearances in numerous other films – both before and after its release – which have used it as a setting for their characters’ interactions or decision-making processes.

One of the earliest examples of this comes from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 classic Rear Window, where protagonist Jeffries (James Stewart) visits a local diner while recuperating from his injuries. This scene serves to provide him with an opportunity to take refuge away from his apartment building and ponder on the clues he’s gathered so far about a mysterious murder that took place nearby. Similarly, there is also Woody Allen’s 1977 Annie Hall – another well-loved film – featuring two protagonists who meet at a café and discuss their relationship issues over coffee; highlighting how cafés can be places where we feel comfortable enough to express our thoughts without fear of judgement or ridicule.

More recently, there are films such as 2004’s Garden State which follows Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) attempting to find meaning and purpose in life through various conversations held at cafes throughout the movie. This showcases how these locations can facilitate meaningful discussions between people; allowing them to connect on deeper levels beyond just surface level topics like gossiping or complaining about work.

Overall, it is clear why many filmmakers continue using cafes as settings even today: because they provide us with intimate environments where characters can interact with each other safely while engaging in important conversations or decisions- something that was first seen within The Fifth Element 23 years ago!

Product Offerings

The coffee shop featured in The Fifth Element is unique in the fact that it sells a variety of items which are not available anywhere else. From delicious coffees and teas to tasty snacks like pastries, sandwiches, or salads – this café has something for everyone!

One of its most popular offerings is “Leeloo’s Special” – a special blend of coffee created with Leeloo’s help during her time at the café. This drink is made up of several different ingredients including espresso, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract and cream; resulting in an incredibly rich yet refreshing beverage perfect for any time of day.

In addition to drinks and food items, the shop also offers various products related to its main character such as Korben Dallas’ signature leather jacket or Ruby Rhod’s iconic sunglasses. These can be purchased by customers who want to add an extra level of authenticity to their visit – allowing them to feel closer connected with their favorite characters from the film!

Finally, there are also music-related items such as vinyl records featuring some classic tunes from The Fifth Element’s soundtrack; giving fans a chance to take home part of this beloved movie with them wherever they go! All these offerings make sure that visitors have plenty options when visiting this café – making each experience even more memorable than before!


In conclusion, the coffee shop in The Fifth Element is a special place that truly stands out from the rest. Offering customers with unique food and beverage items as well as exclusive products related to its characters, it provides viewers with a sense of familiarity even though they are hundreds of years into our future. This timelessness has allowed it to stay relevant for over two decades; making sure that fans can continue to enjoy this café for many more years to come!

The importance of movie cafes cannot be understated either – providing filmmakers with an intimate setting where their characters can interact and bond on deeper levels than just surface level conversations. Through these settings, we can gain insight into how people connect and relate to one another – something which is essential if we want our stories (and films) to have any emotional resonance whatsoever! All these factors combined demonstrate why this small coffee shop within The Fifth Element continues to remain so beloved by both critics and audiences alike; showing us just how powerful movies like this one really are!